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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do we charge per hour?
A: We charge per hourly base. We have a set rate of $40.00 for bookkeeping services, and $50.00 for training and consulting. Prices for Taxes very from $50 - 250 depending if its personal, sole-proprietor, single or family and the complexity of returns. So please give us a call so that we can appropriately estimate your price. We charge the industry standard but we are much more efficient and involved then your average bookkeeper. So Call Us Today 403.827.8153!

Q: Do we do Corporate Taxes?
A: Unfortunately we don't. We do everything but. We do full cycle bookkeeping and provide you with accurate financials. Instead of fighting through the paper you can focus on the budget for another successful year and tax preparation with the accountant instead. Don't have accountant, no worries because we have great contacts for you. We will provide a copy of your books to your accountant and do all the remitting to CRA for you from GST to payroll. We even do T4s.